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Incredible music, rain, white noise and ASMR

My very close friend told me about it ASMR. He used to get it from films, from art, from music – a good piece that would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up … Q. How much has your belief in ASMR affected your experience? R. I don’t believe in ASMR. … Continue reading

Unaware that I am unaware

On the bus listening [to metal] I start looking out and I do know I am looking out and then eventually there is just a fade where I am just unaware that I am unaware … kind of inside the music, disappearing … it’s not positive or negative, just about an alternative space, somewhere else … Continue reading

Accessing Superpowers

I definitely use music to day dream. Quite a lot. I’ve got this very weird obsession since I was very young that I’ve got some strange power built up in me and in certain music that I will imagine myself doing some weird super power thing… In one piece – something by Basshunter -I just see … Continue reading

Bus Journey

This morning I got on my bus with my friends, but as we started to drive along they started talking about universities and as I wasn’t really involved in this conversation I put my headphones in, to avoid the awkwardness. I was in quite a good mood – I  felt quite positive seeing as it was … Continue reading

My space exists in solitude

In a History lesson and I put on music on my phone (nearly every lesson someone will ask if we can listen to music, and it is only the language lessons where it is completely prohibited, although people do secretly listen to music if they can, which shows how people prefer it when they are … Continue reading