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Cyberpunk Cheese and Virtual Worlds

I first put on my iPod before leaving the house … I was walking to the bus stop to take a route to the train station, from which I would take the train to London…. I was feeling excited  and had, for once, gotten a good night’s sleep so I wasn’t as tired as I … Continue reading

In the mood for dubstep

There are moments when im just in the mood for dubstep, i want to hear the beat, feel it…and i love the repetitiveness of it. most people don’t, but i love the build up before the ‘drop’ in the music. i cant help but move with the music, even if im just bobbing along. it does … Continue reading


Music Diary Entry (7 February ) Standing at the station waiting for my friend, listening to my iPod [MaverickSabre Sometimes]. I was aware of almost everybody around me although they were meaningless to me. The music created a scene and, as I often do I began to daydream about the lives and journeys that these complete … Continue reading

Night drive

Way home [driving] equals The Script as it’s calm (late at night) but still good to sing to. Allows thinking space – pretty tired so also need something calmer. In a happy mood – relaxed and enjoyable day. Maybe it … distracted me from driving a bit – they always say that music is a distraction – … Continue reading

Songs in my life

In bed – Maroon 5 to listen to. Words so often related to my emotions; allow reflection; relate to life and some songs dredge up memories – both happy and sad. Maroon 5 songs are often related around love etc. and this is what I relate them to a lot of the time … whether … Continue reading

Being inside the video

Diary entry 7 I’m walking down a road to my friends house.  I’m listening to a song –  earlier today someone showed me the music video to this exact song (‘Bad Girls’, by M.I.A). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYs0gJD-LE Listening to this song takes me back to the experience earlier today.  I start by thinking about the person who showed … Continue reading


  Music makes the scene look better than it is … the music emphasises things …it seems like you can be watching a film. I think that people want to find themselves their own soundtrack, and they want to be in something that is like a film because it is so perfect. [Imogen, age 15] … Continue reading