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Unaware that I am unaware

On the bus listening [to metal] I start looking out and I do know I am looking out and then eventually there is just a fade where I am just unaware that I am unaware … kind of inside the music, disappearing … it’s not positive or negative, just about an alternative space, somewhere else … Continue reading

Feeling separate from me

Ghost Algebra (silhouette in blue oval), 2009 by Jane Geiser 16mm Film still   Thursday: Because of school work I’ve done today and practical drama exams I just want to lie down and relax. I’m in that mood when I don’t quite know what to do – I haven’t got the energy to do something … Continue reading

Lyrics replace the words between us

Music Diary entry 6 (4 Feb) On the train with my boyfriend. We were standing as the train was full. We were sharing my iPod, one headphone in each ear listening to the music together [Drunk, Ed Sheeran and Read all about it, Professor Green]. I like to listen to music a lot with my … Continue reading

Getting the anger out

Sometimes when you feel angry you really just want to have some loud music on just so you can kind of  – yeah – throw stuff around the room along to the loud music. So I put on Madness for that…I think it was when I was falling out with [-x-] I had Madness on…I sat … Continue reading

My space exists in solitude

In a History lesson and I put on music on my phone (nearly every lesson someone will ask if we can listen to music, and it is only the language lessons where it is completely prohibited, although people do secretly listen to music if they can, which shows how people prefer it when they are … Continue reading