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When Everyday’s The Weekend

  I was in town with my mates, there was a big group of us in the Castle grounds… My friend has portable speakers so occasionally I listen to the iPod down in the park – like in the back field of the park. Like play music quite loud which is good.If we are like already in a … Continue reading

All the small things

I was walking into town listening to blink -182, ‘All the Small Things’. I was walking in the sunlight and was happy.   It chills you out –  also it makes you really observing and you notice loads of things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Like when I was walking down an alleyway, I was looking around but I never … Continue reading


Music Diary Entry (7 February ) Standing at the station waiting for my friend, listening to my iPod [MaverickSabre Sometimes]. I was aware of almost everybody around me although they were meaningless to me. The music created a scene and, as I often do I began to daydream about the lives and journeys that these complete … Continue reading

Night drive

Way home [driving] equals The Script as it’s calm (late at night) but still good to sing to. Allows thinking space – pretty tired so also need something calmer. In a happy mood – relaxed and enjoyable day. Maybe it … distracted me from driving a bit – they always say that music is a distraction – … Continue reading

Songs in my life

In bed – Maroon 5 to listen to. Words so often related to my emotions; allow reflection; relate to life and some songs dredge up memories – both happy and sad. Maroon 5 songs are often related around love etc. and this is what I relate them to a lot of the time … whether … Continue reading

Being inside the video

Diary entry 7 I’m walking down a road to my friends house.  I’m listening to a song –  earlier today someone showed me the music video to this exact song (‘Bad Girls’, by M.I.A). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYs0gJD-LE Listening to this song takes me back to the experience earlier today.  I start by thinking about the person who showed … Continue reading

My space exists in solitude

In a History lesson and I put on music on my phone (nearly every lesson someone will ask if we can listen to music, and it is only the language lessons where it is completely prohibited, although people do secretly listen to music if they can, which shows how people prefer it when they are … Continue reading

Ayvalik, Turkey. 8.15pm. August 23rd 2010

It’s dusk but the evening’s thick with heat (yet again). So strange to be sat outside wrapped in warmth  as it gets dark. A few days into the holiday we’ve acquired a bit of a pattern – sitting out on the terrace, high up, looking out across the old town rooftops towards the bay and … Continue reading