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Christmas mood

12th December History lesson – the class had a quiz on Christmas songs. YouTube with no pictures. It brought me back into the mood of Christmas because everything else in the day till then had been very normal. When I listen to Christmas songs I think, “Yay, it’s almost Christmas!” The feelings I have are … Continue reading


I am regularly on YouTube as I am subscribed to a lot of Internet bloggers and musicians. Whilst on YouTube today I discovered a remix artist called Pogo. It was suggested by one of the music bloggers that I am subscribed to;  he mentioned Pogo in one of his videos and linked me to a … Continue reading

Lyrics replace the words between us

Music Diary entry 6 (4 Feb) On the train with my boyfriend. We were standing as the train was full. We were sharing my iPod, one headphone in each ear listening to the music together [Drunk, Ed Sheeran and Read all about it, Professor Green]. I like to listen to music a lot with my … Continue reading

Songs in my life

In bed – Maroon 5 to listen to. Words so often related to my emotions; allow reflection; relate to life and some songs dredge up memories – both happy and sad. Maroon 5 songs are often related around love etc. and this is what I relate them to a lot of the time … whether … Continue reading

Being inside the video

Diary entry 7 I’m walking down a road to my friends house.  I’m listening to a song –  earlier today someone showed me the music video to this exact song (‘Bad Girls’, by M.I.A). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYs0gJD-LE Listening to this song takes me back to the experience earlier today.  I start by thinking about the person who showed … Continue reading

Movie in my head

   ‘Sex-tet’ from Luna by Astor Piazzolla. For YouTube link click here: I have a big habit of having daydreams, and when I’m listening to music I just seem to  – all the daydreams seem to come out and I might either imagine stories or I might imagine the future, or depending on the type of music … Continue reading