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Car journey to the coast

Learning my lesson from yesterday’s [music-less] journey, I made sure for today that I had my headphones and phone (iphone – to play music) with me and charged up. We were driving down to Hastings, so the scenery around was interesting. Different parts of the song would alter my perception of the surroundings a little … Continue reading


Music Diary Entry (7 February ) Standing at the station waiting for my friend, listening to my iPod [MaverickSabre Sometimes]. I was aware of almost everybody around me although they were meaningless to me. The music created a scene and, as I often do I began to daydream about the lives and journeys that these complete … Continue reading

Movie in my head

   ‘Sex-tet’ from Luna by Astor Piazzolla. For YouTube link click here: I have a big habit of having daydreams, and when I’m listening to music I just seem to  – all the daydreams seem to come out and I might either imagine stories or I might imagine the future, or depending on the type of music … Continue reading


  Music makes the scene look better than it is … the music emphasises things …it seems like you can be watching a film. I think that people want to find themselves their own soundtrack, and they want to be in something that is like a film because it is so perfect. [Imogen, age 15] … Continue reading