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The Music Flows Through Me!

'212 Paper Planes' by Amanda King.

‘212 Paper Planes’ by Amanda King. Featured by kind permission of the artist

This morning I listened to my new favourite song 212 (Clean Version)  by a new rapper called Azealia Banks. Anyone reading this go and listen to it now because the rhythm is sooooooooooooooo great! Also listen to her song 1991 (Clean Version.)  The music gets under my skin and into my body and I can’t help but move even if I’m sitting at the computer! It makes me feel ecstatic because the beat and the rhythm are addictive…. When I’m listening to Azealia Banks the music flows through me and I can’t help but to express it. I express it by dancing or working the chords out on the piano. I also rap along to her music. When I rap I always try to take things in and I usually do. There is a song by her called Bambi. I want to learn it but she talks so fast I don’t know what she says! This does matter. I like to know what she says. . I looooooooooove  rapping.

Every single morning I listen to music.  Usually on my CD player in the front room.  Always before school if there’s time.  I always dance and rap.  It’s really important.  If I don’t have time to listen to music I get angry.  If I dance before school it makes my day better.  It wakes me up, switches me on to the day and gets me in a good mood.  I listen to different tracks but usually it’s loud clubby pop dance.  I feel like I NEED to dance.  It’s a private thing though.  I don’t like it when [X] or[Y’s] friends come to the door before school because I don’t want to dance when anyone I don’t know well is here.   I usually dance for about 20 minutes before school.  Maybe longer…

I do the same thing when I come home from school.  I have a drink and a piece of toast and then I listen to music and dance… Dancing IS my best way of concentrating on music.  Pop music.  It just is the best way for me to feel it and express it.

Samuel, age 9 yrs and 10 months



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