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Not thinking, just feeling

Amy Winehouse by Germán Covacevich

Amy Winehouse by Germán Covacevich (featured by kind permission of the artist)

At first I was sitting on my bed but it really made you want to stand up that one did [Amy Winehouse, Tears Dry On Their Own], it’s a really nice one just to move around to …
[On the replay] I knew that I wanted to think of being happy – it was more structured that listening experience – I knew I was going to get up and start dancing – feel bold and strong … I was imagining people looking at me down the street and thinking I was quite pretty …
… it’s got a lot of emotion in it even though she was insecure and I feel the emotions and I can empathise with her lyrics, because often with singers I don’t bother to listen to their lyrics, but with Amy her lyrics were about HER and I can see how she was feeling and I can see the insecurities there … but it’s also kind of the whole gospel feel of it – because that particular album was mainly R & B – it’s not jazz based it’s more soulful, so that whole soulful atmosphere I just LOVE the feeling of it … it’s not so much telling a story although I can see it as stories from the lyrics, but it’s just giving me that feeling.

It’s very on top of the world which is quite strange really considering how Amy Winehouse was as a person – it makes me feel happy and it makes me feel excited about upcoming events

…. often I keep playing a track ‘cos I really like the sound of it and I love the experience it gives me and I want that experience again … I was really grabbed by it and it really helped me choose what I wanted to wear – I had fun times just going round the room and looking in the mirror and looking at myself and experimenting with clothing …it’s kind of victorious ‘cos it’s about tears drying on their own – it’s basically saying that even though she’s broken up with somebody she isn’t going to cry – she’ll be fine whatever happens … it made me feel strong … I’m not thinking about anything, just feeling different emotions – passion, excitement, happiness, strength …

Lily, aged 13



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