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Places I go with my mind

“I’ve had places I go with my mind from when I first got my iPod, which was five years ago… Listening to contemporary classical music [Einaudi] kind of takes me off into a different place where I don’t think about homework – a calming place. My calming place is actually in my tree in my garden. As a child I used to play around it and create a den. When I listen to music I see a vision of the tree and I’m just kind of there. It’s really cosy and I feel secure and safe. And it’s quite a good thing to have when there are lots of things happening. You can escape reality. When people ask me a question they like have to click and clap in front of me. I’m somewhere different. I have a very strong imagination. It’s my den or it’s my room and I’m in front of my dolls house where I used to play with my Sylvanians – and I used to spend hours and hours creating stories … and I kind of go there. I’m not watching myself play, it’s actually me there with them and the music”. [Mei, 14]



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