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I prefer being able to just listen and then you can kind of –  the song can mean what it wants or make you feel how you wanted to whereas if you are watching on TV it’s kind of…the images are kind of given to you and you can’t really like –  feel in your own way…the song can mean something different to you than what maybe, what the artist intended it to be … so like comparing your own pictures in your head about why are you listening to that.

I guess because the music has got in your head it’s hard not to kind of think and stuff but like, when it’s music…you can’t force yourself to think of something … it kind of comes into your head and your thoughts go somewhere anyway without even really thinking about that.

It can be quite random sometimes. I will be thinking of what I’ve got to do that day, or work I need to do or stuff I’ve got to remember. Other times I’ll be thinking of stuff more like, more sort of…not as immediate, it can be like yeah feelings and stuff. Sometimes you can be thinking about things in the future that you want to do. What you want to do when you are older  or how like – having children, and what having that kind of like happiness is like… Music is good for dreaming about life – songs that make you feel like feel more ambitious, that make you feel like you can do something like – quite powerful – like 30 Seconds to Mars, they are quite a big power band so…I like push myself. If I was to have something coming up then I would want to …do that  …

I have a quote and I do what it says – that “happiness is a choice” and like I see it every morning when I open my door. So it’s like it reminds me that you can choose to be happy and stuff… so it sounds good do the same thing [with music].

I have one on my mirror written in my lipstick which says “I choose to love myself today.” So it kind of reminds you to like feel positively and not worry about what other people think of you because you are happy with the way you are. My best friend has the same happiness quote in her room on her wardrobe… People have lyrics from songs and they put them on their walls or something. And quite a lot of people put like lyrics on Facebook as their ‘status’ so they would put like a line from the song as their status on Facebook. Status is like, what you are doing or how you are feeling.

Phoebe, age 16




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