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Accessing Superpowers

I definitely use music to day dream. Quite a lot. I’ve got this very weird obsession since I was very young that I’ve got some strange power built up in me and in certain music that I will imagine myself doing some weird super power thing… In one piece – something by Basshunter -I just see myself in some random road which is a bit funny but yeah I just see myself floating in the air, moving stuff with my mind…Well, it wouldn’t be a road it would sort of…I would be randomly in the middle of the playing fields just sort of controlling the weather, that sort of thing… And as the music progresses [it’s] sort of a bit like a sci-fi movie. The actions and the drama gets more intense as the music gets to its climax and then it would sort of dwindle.

Basshunter’s very techno-modern and it is easier to access it in the techno-modern music because it is very … sort of bass dominated so you can get very strong feelings from it and … if the volume’s at a certain pitch I find it a lot easier to access that path. I can’t do it with classical music. Just really big sounds. I can get really into my imagination. I have got a bit of an over active imagination!

It’s a sort of alternate world sort of thing… because I don’t really like my world a lot. In that [alternate] world everything is sort of right … so since young I sort of, it’s just been a place to go.

John, age 17. You can listen to ‘Russian Privjet’ by Basshunter by pressing the You Tube link here

‘Blue Dream’ by John



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