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When Everyday’s The Weekend

‘Asking Alexandria’ by Clara Maria Pinto Padgett


I was in town with my mates, there was a big group of us in the Castle grounds…

My friend has portable speakers so occasionally I listen to the iPod down in the park – like in the back field of the park. Like play music quite loud which is good.If we are like already in a good mood or something it’s like ‘let’s mess around’ and stuff. Time does go really quickly occasionally so we could like find out that we would have been there the whole day

We put on ‘Asking Alexandria’  –  The Final Episode, Breathless, The Match,  A Prophecy, When Everyday’s The Weekend.

The music hyped us all up  – loads of energy and put us in a good mood, made me feel really happy with the way things were in my life, listening to good music surrounded by all your mates. We were just messing around and I was kissing my girlfriend. We usually get together on Saturdays but sometimes after school as well.

When there’s like a whole group of people it’s much harder to get bored. Cos if you’ve talked to someone for a while you can go and talk to someone else. It’s like the group we’re in – we’re all like really comfortable with eachother – you can talk to anyone about anything. The group’s growing rapidly because people tell their mates about it and they want to be part of it. There’s about 30 people, years 9 to 11  – more girls than boys. If there aren’t portable speakers we have one ear in [on individual iPods]. Saturdays, Sundays and maybe half the group on Fridays. Most Saturdays there’s music from portable speakers.  I select the music cos my iPod’s the most loaded and I have an x-mini speaker. It makes people happier – creates a good mood. If mum wants to know where I am she’ll phone and go ‘are you at the castle?’ I dress Old School –  denim High Tops , grey skinnies, leather jacket.

Ozzy,  age 15.

When Everyday’s The Weekend Lyrics:
Another sunset! What a way to start another messy night! Another drink, Another bar, Another girl inside my arms! I can’t see straight anymore! Just got kicked out the ——- door.
It’s all easy! It’s all easy!
That’s how we ——- roll!
It’s all easy! It’s all easy! O-o-o-oh!
Tonight’s our night like every night before, Until we fall, Until we fall.
We’ll drink you under The ——- table!
Rack ’em up! Put ’em down! Rack ’em up! Put ’em down! Oh!
I like to party! You like to party! We like to party! All night long!
I like to party! You like to party! We like to party! All ——- year! All ——- year!



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