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Car journey to the coast

Learning my lesson from yesterday’s [music-less] journey, I made sure for today that I had my headphones and phone (iphone – to play music) with me and charged up. We were driving down to Hastings, so the scenery around was interesting. Different parts of the song would alter my perception of the surroundings a little – for example, I would change the position I was in, look back at the road or forwards, depending on the part of the song, a lot of countryside etc… birds would fly or trees would appear to sway in time with the music, which was obviously a coincidence but whilst in the ‘dreaming’ state it was as if nature was in time with music.

I usually pick music to listen to which reflects what I am doing … on this journey I chose to listen to more laid back acoustic music for example, Heartbeats  by José Gonzales. Despite going fast on motorways and country roads etc, when driving it does not feel you are going particularly fast. It feels more as if you are drifting, so therefore more mellow and slow acoustic music reflects the feeling. Whilst listening and looking out of the window, I start to almost daydream/imagine I am in some kind of music video scenario… chopping between looking around and imagination, usually in between one song ending and another starting.

I also listened to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Aka…what a life.

Again, whilst listening I also imagined I was almost a part of the music video. The actual video itself features people driving in convertibles down long roads in the USA. Perhaps I was recreating some of the visuals I had seen in the video and applying them to real life situations as I associated them with the music. The actual video’s quite complicated – The main visuals I took from the video would be the car driving down the highway. For the majority of the journey we were the only car driving down a road, similar to the video. We also had the windows open which is similar to the ‘wind through the hair’ in the video. The settings for the video is quite rural –  also similar to what I was seeing on the journey, electricity pylons etc.

Louise, age 15



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