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I am regularly on YouTube as I am subscribed to a lot of Internet bloggers and musicians. Whilst on YouTube today I discovered a remix artist called Pogo. It was suggested by one of the music bloggers that I am subscribed to;  he mentioned Pogo in one of his videos and linked me to a different song (I think it was a Fresh Prince of Bel Air remix). I wasn’t interested in this one and I saw the Mary Poppins video below. The first song I came across was a remix of sounds from the film Mary Poppins.

View ‘Expialidocious’ by ‘Pogo’ (Nick Bertke) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Za-V_lhwGg&feature=relmfu

 Not only is the remix really interesting and catchy with its uplifting synth/bass, [but] whenlistening to it the sounds created a feeling of nostalgia and gave me chills. The short section from 0:36-0:40 in my opinion was particularly uplifting.

It started to bring back memories of me watching the movie with my family. I was seeing snippets of the movie and then remembering other parts of the film that come after, even if the visuals were not in the music video. I wasn’t looking at the film for the whole duration (sometimes would look away), I was watching on my iPhone screen) or I wasn’t focusing on the video completely. This has happened before when I have listened to an old song and vividly remembered things associated with it. If I am going through a particularly stressful time I would usually like to listen to the songs as they take me back. They are comforting and take me back to those other times.

After the song had finished I went to his website and purchased the track so I could have it on my iPod. I also went to share the video with my brother who I watched the film with. I also listened to some of Pogo’s other remixes but I think the Mary Poppins one is the best.

Louise, age 15



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