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Escape, Excitement, Feeling, Imagining, Mood, Movement

Excitement with attitude

I’m a rubbish dancer but I – I love to prance about in my room and grab objects and start acting out stuff and looking in the mirror and seeing how I look with different emotions on my face even though I actually don’t feel any of them … I like to just experiment with moving. And I find myself walking round the room in circles a lot when it’s [music’s] on…it’s usually aggressive emotions with David Sanborn, – I don’t exactly smile a lot when listening to David Sanborn. Yeah I can do all the aggressive stuff when listening to David Sanborn… I try and act out having ‘attitude’.

On Saturday it’s usually ‘Yay!’ cos it’s the weekend and there’s no more stinky old school for two days. I celebrate that by listening to some loud funk, like David Sanborn maybe. I think ‘oh no – school‘ then I think – no!! Then I lie in bed for about 40 minutes, then I get up. Then while I get dressed I put on David Sanborn [track = ‘Hey’] and kind of jig around dancing. But I don’t tend to think about anything, I just move around dancing – sometimes looking in the mirror. I’m not looking at anything really – I’m just moving – not very well! My mind hasn’t got any specific thoughts in it. It just feels like ‘Yay, weekend – bring it on!’ I feel happy and excited at the same time. Excitement is one of my main things with music. It might be that I’m just dead bored and want to get excited. I haven’t really thought about it up until now

Lily, age 12

‘Energy’ by Debbie Klein (reproduced with permission of the artist)



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