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Multimodal Experience, Noticing more

All the small things

I was walking into town listening to blink -182, ‘All the Small Things’. I was walking in the sunlight and was happy.   It chills you out –  also it makes you really observing and you notice loads of things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Like when I was walking down an alleyway, I was looking around but I never normally do that and I found a £2 coin. I  know its not much, but I wouldn’t have found it if I wasnt chilled and looking around. When I’m walking without music I’m sort of just unaware and everything seems blank, but with music, depending on my mood i can sometimes go into a little dream world and it puts you in a good mood. I always listen to music when I am walking to and from school, and when I meet my friends I take my little speaker to play it out loud.

Ozzy, age 15



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