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In the mood for dubstep

There are moments when im just in the mood for dubstep, i want to hear the beat, feel it…and i love the repetitiveness of it. most people don’t, but i love the build up before the ‘drop’ in the music. i cant help but move with the music, even if im just bobbing along. it does a mix of things to my train of thought: i dont really concentrate on things that have been bugging me, like, it doesn’t put me in a thoughtful/reflective mood. but it does make me relax, and calms me down- even though the music is strong and bold, it calms me because, well, i think it’s because the music is doing the noise and screaming and shouting, so i dont have to. it makes me smile, because i think of the skill it takes to put that type of remix together. i really enjoy listening to dubstep and it’s always a nice change to music played in my form room.

‘Reptile’ – Skrillex… the beat at the beginning immediately gets you moving, and the build up of noise and layers in the music slowly intensify the listening. you hear sounds like ‘fight’ referring to the Reptile, which gives the music more of a story. i dont really think about the story, but it makes me more aware of the words and notes in the song as i listen out for them more. i cant help but move with the music, tapping my foot, following the high note tune. there is a repetitive drone in the background which is what carries the music. at the moment, my mind isnt wandering different thoughts, but following the tune and eagerly wanting more sound. i so enjoy listening to this type of music, the drop is my favourite bit, where the build up ‘drops’ and even more sound and movement in the music appears. As sad as it is to say, the electro style music is ‘cool’ it feels, almost like…hmm, i should be given respect for listening to it? not in a…up myself way, but…well when i walk down the street listening to this, i feel so empowered and confident as i walk briskly to the beat, smiling from enjoyment and biting my lip – excited by the fact im listening to music i know so many people hate.

(Sarah, 15)

‘Dubstep Wallpaper’ by Jake Robson-Tull



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