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Daydreaming, Filmic, Imagining, Multimodal Experience, Soundtrack


Music Diary Entry (7 February )
Standing at the station waiting for my friend, listening to my iPod [MaverickSabre Sometimes]. I was aware of almost everybody around me although they were meaningless to me. The music created a scene and, as I often do I began to daydream about the lives and journeys that these complete strangers were on. I suppose it depends on the type of music I am listening to, but I begin to imagine situations of the paths of these people such as where they are going, what they are thinking about, and the music surrounds them and carries them away so quickly that in a second one person’s face has already been lost and I am onto somebody else. A pair of school girls stood in the corner opposite me and although I could not hear it, I constructed a conversation between them in my head. The lyrics of the song were light hearted and their smiles and laughs seemed to fit in time to the sounds. I watched as a smartly dressed woman brought her ticket and passed me, her face seemed deep in thought and as I listened to a soul song with the lyrics “sometimes we go around and forget where we came from” I imagined these people so caught up in their own lives, so busy and always in a hurry that they don’t notice the world as much anymore, and standing there just listening to my music I realised I noticed the world and the people a lot more.
(Phoebe age 16)


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