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Lyrics replace the words between us

Music Diary entry 6 (4 Feb)
On the train with my boyfriend. We were standing as the train was full. We were sharing my iPod, one headphone in each ear listening to the music together [Drunk, Ed Sheeran and Read all about it, Professor Green]. I like to listen to music a lot with my friends and right at that moment there was a sense of connection, where we were together in this sharing of music whilst being separate from everybody else around us. Although I am sure that we perceive music differently and that it creates different associations for different people, I feel close to him and we let the lyrics replace the words between us and become our main focus, drowning out the busy train environment. I start to daydream, the music brings associations and I start to reflect, thinking of the time we have spent together so far, memories of other times I have felt this close to someone, as well as images of the future. It gives me a warm feeling inside, and the music makes me pause and reflect and brings a feeling of loving and happiness to a usually ordinary train journey.
Phoebe (aged 16) 


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