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Getting away from it and experiencing the beauty

Sometimes I put a bit of peaceful bit of music on if I’m angry.

… I had a falling out with [-x-]. And so I put on this track by James Galway (Pachabel canon).

I put it on because I thought to myself ‘I know I’m angry but I don’t want to make myself into the wrong by being angry, so I put on some calm music and just thought about it. I think about what the world is actually like without those people and how peaceful it is – the beauty of the world. Eyes open. I was just sitting on my bed. I pictured some things but I was mainly thinking about it. I pictured water fountains, meadows, flowers – all that kind of stuff and then I thought about it as well: “why should I be angry when there’s so much beauty out there to be seen. Why am I focusing on this rather than just getting away from it and experiencing the beauty”.

 It’s easier to listen than to pay attention to a book. Sometimes the thoughts stopped and I just heard the flute sound. Pictures of words. When I think I tend to think of – like there’s a kind of blackness and then there’s little red letters – they’re inside me or …  no outside like reading a book. It’s from the good part of me – a way of getting in touch with the nice bit. Before I was angry and afterwards I was just neutral, maybe a bit tired.

(Lily, aged 12)




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