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Songs in my life

In bed – Maroon 5 to listen to. Words so often related to my emotions; allow reflection; relate to life and some songs dredge up memories – both happy and sad. Maroon 5 songs are often related around love etc. and this is what I relate them to a lot of the time … whether it be my life in particular or just imagining the story that they are laying out in the lyrics.

Often they will make me sad – I can remember one occasion when I was walking home after a really great night out with friends. I took a dark, quiet road home, and stood for at least 10 minutes in the road just looking at the stars and listening to the music. I think I was crying a bit because I was being wistful. I’m often wistful when I’m alone – a little girl at heart! That night I was thinking back to certain events I wish hadn’t happened and wishing for something else. I stood there and felt quite small from looking at the stars and it made me think about how huge and amazing God is. I was there praising Him and also asking for help and praying for friends… When it relates to how I feel, I like making the song fit to my life. I will think about difficult/annoying/hard situations and often the music helps me think them through.

Charlotte, aged 18



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