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Daydreaming, Zoning out

Bus Journey

iPod Love by Cydney X (CydneyX.deviantart.com) featured with kind permission of the artist

This morning I got on my bus with my friends, but as we started to drive along they started talking about universities and as I wasn’t really involved in this conversation I put my headphones in, to avoid the awkwardness. I was in quite a good mood – I  felt quite positive seeing as it was so early and I wasn’t even tired. I wasn’t near the bus window so I just looked straight ahead of me down the bus aisle from the back, not really taking much in, and mainly just daydreaming about the day and weekend ahead. So, as usual my iPod was on shuffle  –  mainly listening to upbeat happy songs … I was skipping the slower sad songs and mainly listening to upbeat music, this kept up the good mood. I sort of zoned out.  It almost feels like I’m not there and just in my own little thought bubble and I’m just ignoring most things which are happening on the bus and was just day dreaming  about a party I’m going to tomorrow, what to wear what will happen, exams that are coming up, and the little issues. It made the journey seem a lot quicker.

Alice, aged 16



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