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Being inside the video

M.I.A. by Julia (Femida) Jost. Featured by kind permission of the artist

Diary entry 7

I’m walking down a road to my friends house.  I’m listening to a song –  earlier today someone showed me the music video to this exact song (‘Bad Girls’, by M.I.A). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYs0gJD-LE Listening to this song takes me back to the experience earlier today.  I start by thinking about the person who showed me [the video], then I focus more on the music video. It feels like I’m almost inside the video – not really participating in it, but just like I’m there and it’s all happening right in front of me. I can see all of the dancers, and all the things that I can remember from the video, but obviously as I can’t remember it exactly, I even start to make bits of it up in my mind, but I can still see it all happening in front of me, they’re all in different costumes …But throughout all of this I can still manage to make sure I’m walking in the right direction and not going to trip or bump in to anything. I lose concentration of what’s actually around me and only think of the video. I can see the singer moving and singing along to the words as I actually listen to them.

Alice, aged 16



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