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Daydreaming, Multimodal Experience, Solitude, Zoning out

My space exists in solitude

In a History lesson and I put on music on my phone (nearly every lesson someone will ask if we can listen to music, and it is only the language lessons where it is completely prohibited, although people do secretly listen to music if they can, which shows how people prefer it when they are working). When I had it on I felt much more comfortable and relaxed, and was able to do the work easier and quicker, especially because you’re not tempted to talk or look around – a surreal atmosphere to which you are isolated. The only way I can think to desribe this is by repeating what my biology teacher told me. He told me that human eyes are rubbish. If you look at an image, and then look away but not so much that it vanishes from your vision, but stays in your peripheral vision … the colours and images will be distorted into blobs of mashed together colour, in a blurry composition. When listening to music, everything around me is like that, but it’s thought as well. I feel as though my desk, pen and paper may as well be the only things in the room because I have no perception of anything around me unless I look at it. It is as though I am in a separate space, with the rest of the room morphed into a warped state of existence, and my space exists in solitude.

Jack (aged 14)



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