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Movie in my head

   ‘Sex-tet’ from Luna by Astor Piazzolla. For YouTube link click here:

I have a big habit of having daydreams, and when I’m listening to music I just seem to  – all the daydreams seem to come out and I might either imagine stories or I might imagine the future, or depending on the type of music I might think of different people …

When I was listening to Astor Piazzolla in the car there was this rather creepy track and I imagined there was someone being murdered – a small child actually, and there was this evil killer who we don’t know of – no-one’s ever seen their face as it’s hidden under a black hood. And they’re the one killing all these children. And it leaves. And it sees a little poor baby. It’s had some trouble with being a child in its previous life and it thinks that all children are horrible due to what’s happened to it in its childhood. It looks at the child and it starts to feel sorry for the child. Then it forgets, throws it into the river and starts murdering a whole load of other kids. So that’s one of – that’s one of the stories. I can’t really remember all of  the stories I dream about. It’s usually quite dramatic.      [Lily, aged 11]



One thought on “Movie in my head

  1. Nice to see my listening experience on the blog, every time I hear that song now, my mind plays that fantasy back to me.

    Posted by everydaymusiclistening | February 13, 2012, 9:12 pm

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