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Excitement with attitude

I’m a rubbish dancer but I – I love to prance about in my room and grab objects and start acting out stuff and looking in the mirror and seeing how I look with different emotions on my face even though I actually don’t feel any of them … I like to just experiment with … Continue reading

Feeling separate from me

Ghost Algebra (silhouette in blue oval), 2009 by Jane Geiser 16mm Film still   Thursday: Because of school work I’ve done today and practical drama exams I just want to lie down and relax. I’m in that mood when I don’t quite know what to do – I haven’t got the energy to do something … Continue reading

All the small things

I was walking into town listening to blink -182, ‘All the Small Things’. I was walking in the sunlight and was happy.   It chills you out –  also it makes you really observing and you notice loads of things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Like when I was walking down an alleyway, I was looking around but I never … Continue reading

In the mood for dubstep

There are moments when im just in the mood for dubstep, i want to hear the beat, feel it…and i love the repetitiveness of it. most people don’t, but i love the build up before the ‘drop’ in the music. i cant help but move with the music, even if im just bobbing along. it does … Continue reading


Music Diary Entry (7 February ) Standing at the station waiting for my friend, listening to my iPod [MaverickSabre Sometimes]. I was aware of almost everybody around me although they were meaningless to me. The music created a scene and, as I often do I began to daydream about the lives and journeys that these complete … Continue reading

Getting away from it and experiencing the beauty

Sometimes I put a bit of peaceful bit of music on if I’m angry. … I had a falling out with [-x-]. And so I put on this track by James Galway (Pachabel canon). I put it on because I thought to myself ‘I know I’m angry but I don’t want to make myself into … Continue reading

Lyrics replace the words between us

Music Diary entry 6 (4 Feb) On the train with my boyfriend. We were standing as the train was full. We were sharing my iPod, one headphone in each ear listening to the music together [Drunk, Ed Sheeran and Read all about it, Professor Green]. I like to listen to music a lot with my … Continue reading

Getting the anger out

Sometimes when you feel angry you really just want to have some loud music on just so you can kind of  – yeah – throw stuff around the room along to the loud music. So I put on Madness for that…I think it was when I was falling out with [-x-] I had Madness on…I sat … Continue reading

Night drive

Way home [driving] equals The Script as it’s calm (late at night) but still good to sing to. Allows thinking space – pretty tired so also need something calmer. In a happy mood – relaxed and enjoyable day. Maybe it … distracted me from driving a bit – they always say that music is a distraction – … Continue reading

Songs in my life

In bed – Maroon 5 to listen to. Words so often related to my emotions; allow reflection; relate to life and some songs dredge up memories – both happy and sad. Maroon 5 songs are often related around love etc. and this is what I relate them to a lot of the time … whether … Continue reading