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Ayvalik, Turkey. 8.15pm. August 23rd 2010

It’s dusk but the evening’s thick with heat (yet again). So strange to be sat outside wrapped in warmth  as it gets dark. A few days into the holiday we’ve acquired a bit of a pattern – sitting out on the terrace, high up, looking out across the old town rooftops towards the bay and Cunda Island beyond. Pre-evening meal, ice-cold drink. It’s a moment you wait for – when the Muezzin begins the Call to Prayer at about 8.15pm.


Canon announcing end of today’s Ramadan fast booms out. Makes me jump even though I’m expecting it – the sound ricochets about the bay, bouncing off cliffs and sea. The day’s been scorchingly hot – even by Turkey’s standards – but now the cool of the evening is taking over and there’s a strong breeze blowing in from the sea, laden with scents of the town – dust, flowers, things cooking. Can hear the Muezzin now, echoed by another further away – a relay of them! Sounds snaking around in the air. Aware of the fierce, strong physical sense of the place – of just feeling really alive. The warmth, sounds, sights and smells are totally crunched together. No room for other thoughts.



One thought on “Ayvalik, Turkey. 8.15pm. August 23rd 2010

  1. Sounds familiar……….in our ignorance we call him the Billy Bong Man !! It’s my excuse for raising a glass of Raki to his health !

    As you say, mysteriously it gives you an internal warmth of peace, and I love to be reminded that I’m enjoying myself amongst the fabulous hospitality of the locals.

    Posted by Colin Reeves | February 1, 2012, 8:14 pm

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